Pruney toes

My technical term for when your foes get all wrinkly in the bathtub. Celery and your foot respond differently  to constant exposure to water. Celery sucks it in the water fills the stalks and the  the cells become crispy. Humans have special receptors in their hands and feet that are activated by prolonged exposure to […]


A friend asked me to share my perspective on fever. People are so quick to reach for aspirin or another temperature reducing agent when they start to feel bad or have a low grade temp.   I tend to do the opposite. On the rare occasion that I get sick now, ( I was a […]

Wonderful Water

I love water. It has many wonderful properties. Our bodies are filled with the stuff. Drinking it,immersing our bodies in it, letting it splash on us in the shower…all beneficial. and now it seems we can make water better with our attitudes! Drink it pure so it can flush impurities from your system Soaking in […]