A friend asked me to share my perspective on fever.

People are so quick to reach for aspirin or another temperature reducing agent when they start to feel bad or have a low grade temp.   I tend to do the opposite. On the rare occasion that I get sick now, ( I was a sickly child troubled with constant ear infections) I flood myself with fluids & citrus,  make chicken soup using bones and vinegar, use vibration to help stimulate my lymphatic system, and artificially increase my fever.  Fever is a natural defense mechanism. Fevers keep viruses from multiplying and are used by the body to clean up noxious waste products left by bacteria. As long as High natural fevers are kept in check (most sources I’ve read indicate over 104 should be treated) Short term, deliberate raising of the temp is actually a desirable thing to do.

I believe fevers are designed to be helpful. Even when not ill, I jump in the Jacuzzi on a regular basis because of these benefits. Warmth changes fat,  (I’m melting) Heat chemically  changes the bodies ability to put waste products into solution (just as when making rock candy it is heat that allows you to create the super saturated solution that enables the crystals to form when they cool and have an attracting agent) this difference in solution is part of the reason drinking extra liquid is so important, the extra fluids enable you to  excrete waste products that would otherwise cling to the joints, inside the cells,  irritate nerves, compress capillaries and create an environment where disease flourishes. Heat makes some cell membranes more permeable so nutrition can get in more easily and waste products can leave the cells with greater ease so they can be carried out of the body through even more avenues.

Fever is usually accompanied by a raised heart rate, so higher temp equals more blood equals more oxygen.  There’s a little axiom I tell my clients…Without oxygen there is no healing without blood there is no oxygen. Fever is an oxygen delivering system…so breath deeply, exhale completely. Ever notice that people’s breath get’s gnarly when they are ill? That’s waste products trying to leave via their lungs or fomenting up and out of their stomachs. I do deliberate exhaling when I’m fighting something off.

Fever induced sweat has that same sickly smell. If you’ve heard of people using dry brushing, loofahs, or even salt scrubs to aid the healing process.  Scrubbing not only works by removing outer layers of dead skin so the waste products to not have as strong of a barrier to keep them in and under the skin, but scrubbing brings thae blood closer to the surface so it can dump waste products into sweat glands tat are only closer to the surface of the skin.  Heat helps you sweat more and better.  If you want illness to leave your body, you want to make it easy for it to exit.

My favorite way to raise my temp is Jacuzzi, but when I do not have access, a very warm tub, or even a shower can do the trick. I get in let my temp get high…relax until the warm water makes  me tired and my limbs feel heavy and I get pruney toes. I wrap myself up and take myself straight from tub to bed and sleep will usually overcome me and the fever/sleep cycle that people try to fight becomes medicine for me.  

I let myself be sick and battle my illness with every tool at my disposal until I am well.


PS. If anyone asks for my sick soup recipe, I will remove this line and share how I make soup 

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