Massage and Parkinson’s

In doing research for a community service talk about Parkinson’s and massage one thing that struck me was the number of times the only advice in the articles about massage and Parkinson’s specifically was….”talk to your doctor” which of course you should do when adding something new to any regime designed to alter the status of your health.  The underlying process of Parkinson’s Disease seems to come from inside the  midbrain the substantia nigra region and involves the loss of the ability to produce the hormone and neurotransmitter dopamine so a therapist familiar with Cranial Sacral therapy techniques is probably a good idea, someone who understands that usually a person with tremors will develop rigidity in the body’s effort to maintain stability is a bonus and someone who knows how to correct muscle imbalances caused by postural adaptations a valuable asset in battling parkinsonian symptoms.

Massage in general increases circulation…a good thing, smooths tissues, a good thing, feels good….a good thing.



For more of my thoughts on Parkinson’s Disease sk me questions, I’ll answer what I know…admit to what I don’t know,  and give my speculative theories and ideas

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  1. Jeanette says:

    For more of your thoughts on Parkinson’s… What?

    • jeanine says:

      I had an article in another part of the website, I will try to find it or re-write it. There had been a link to it, thanks for pointing it out.
      When I fix it., I will delete this post

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