Stroke & TBI

At one time it was thought that whatever recovery someone had  2 years after a stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI) was about all they were ever going to get.   Fortunately,  although the news hasn’t gotten around to everyone, there is substantial evidence that this is NOT true.

Brain injuries are more common than most people recognize.  The death of San Diego football hero Jr Seau brought national attention that multiple concussions can have profound effects on mood and effective living.  There are ways of using the brain’s  neuroplasticity   to overcome or at least minimize the effects of these injuries whether they are large or small.

Many persons I know with strokes, their major emphasis is walking so they put themselves in an upright position and try to make their new body do what their old body did, however , they forget that when they first used their brains to begin walking they passed sequential milestones first. head turning, rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, weight shifting, and they think all they have to do is to put one foot in front of the other.   my best advice to someone who has been discharged from therapy but is not fully functional, is to get a baby developement book, and work on the tasks that children go through, use imagery when actual motions are not presently possible, and do not give up hope.

keep smiling, don't give up

Babies aren’t expected to walk, everyone knows their brains aren’t ready for quite some time. They lack co-ordination and they don’t stop trying when it doesn’t happen at first attempts

I have seen remarkable improvements in people who had strokes over a decade before we worked together, that made gains that were not possible at the time they were ‘cut off’ from therapy and told….just deal with it.   Our brains have the ability to change over time and we can have conscious impact with our thoughts and physical practices.


If anyone asks, I’d be happy to share my experiences







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