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Can Cuss, Concussed

I haven’t written for quite some time, why you may ask…or maybe not, I’m not sure there is anyone reading what I write except the spammers, and since I’ve stopped writing, they are even slowing down.   Why did I stop writing?  I fell, hurt my dominant hand,  gained a new concussion, lost my ability to come up with coherent written thoughts.  Not good for a writer, not good for a manual therapist. but who am I to questions God’s timing or my klutziness.

My daughter didn’t let me drive for three whole days. I’m not allowed on my inversion table for a month. Swinging a golf club hurts as does poi.I saw my doctor and she mentioned post concussion syndrome…. I asked, what can I do? she said “time” is the only medicine. sigh…. this could be discouraging… I asked for a handout, she recommended I google information I did…guess what, by the common descriptions… yup, the symptoms describe what I’m going through to a T: Lethargy, apathy, headache, light-sensitivity,   dizziness, tinnitus, poor concentration, sleep disruptions, easily fatigued, impulsivity, poor judgement, increased stubbornness, mood swings… every article I’ve found says that time and rest are the only things that help.

I don’t like that answer…no, I am not stubborn, argumentative, unable to focus, distractible…lol, my daughter would laugh at that, but, I do have experience in working with other people with severe head injuries who unfortunately have these symptoms piled on top of physical disabilities and hope to use that experience to help me in my recovery process.  Once again, I have to go by what I know not by what I feel.  I know the concussion is only part of what I am dealing with. The fall also resulted in spasms along my neck and back and some neck injuries mimic concussion signs as well.  How can I tell which is which? it doesn’t matter.  Brain fog is brain fog.  If y’all could see how many typos I’ve made in just these two paragraphs you’ll laugh or cry with me… yup it’s messed up.   I’m making this list for you, but I’m making it for me as well, so I can come back to this list when I remember that I am still healing and that therapy tools are actually helpful

I’ve spent the last two weeks resting….very important

  • when I rest, I lie down and immediately feel like I can breathe better, showing me that my diaphragm  and postural muscles also need time to recover from the impact.
  • for that part I am using my ma roller[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B000H1VBX2″ locale=”us” height=”55″ src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/21S619QXVEL._SL75_.jpg” width=”75″] to help stretch my connective tissue and encourage spinal segmental motion.  Opening my back and neck up may help decrease the unfocused-ness in my eyes
  • I wear a hat when I go outside…when I remember, if I forget squinting and headache remind me…so now I keep a hat hung next to the chihuahua’s leash and in my car.
  • I gargle and do my saline snuffs because of the acrid taste that has been added to my post nasal drip,
  • I practice my twirly thing exercises from the legs up instead of the head down.
  • No inversion table, downward dog, aggressive cardio because those things all exacerbate the volatility  of my heart rate and blood pressure.   In the ER when checking for neuro-signs, my heart rate was 37…no joke thirty-seven. Low heart rate can be a sign of excellent conditioning, but it can also be a sign of intracranial pressure…. I never knew that.
  • I need to go back to doing my vision therapy exercises.   The optic nerve has brain tissue in it, I need to remember that using my eyes and forcing them to focus really does change what they do automatically.  I slacked off  n the months before this fall, 3-d sight was automatic more than half the time,   In the ER one of the things that made me realize I’d hit my head (that’s right, I didn’t even know it) was the extreme difficulty  I had in creating single image. My eyes were not working together at all.  I am not remember to do this on my own, so I have my tool box  in my living room. my brock string, red green glasses, finger lights, marching clock poster, and am playing my vision therapy video games.
  • I am not wearing my balance challenging sketchers…my balance is already compromised I do not want to fall again.
  • I am crawling, doing rotisserie exercises, singing
  • since I’m not at the golf course there’s about 15 hours a week of sunshine I’m missing so I keep reminding myself I should probably eat more fish and get some vitamin D sources included in my diet.
  • brain is made of a lot of fat, so I am allowing myself more good fats
  • ginger has helped with tinnitus before, so I got some now to remember to use it
  • vibrator to my belly and armpits to help with the inflammation
  • and rest…I don’t remember  to do that on my own…I set alarms to remind me when to do stuff.
  • I’m looking at my neuro-sculpting group, http://neurosculptinginstitute.com/ or visit them on facebook, because they always have suggestions for brain changing activities.

Magnets: the Kindergarten Theory

When I suggest someone apply magnets like band-aids I get the same looks I got the day I was at a new job, bumped into a  wall and said “that’ll leave a bruise” and my co-worker told me to put a magnet on it.   I let her paper-tape a magnet to my arm and left it on overnight like she asked and in the morning I saw the purple of a bruise peeking out from under the tape, but I left it on in deference to my new found friend.  I went in to work and she had the joy of removing the tape and magnet. There with a clear definition of the magnet’s shape was my bruise. The part that lie outside of the magnet’s presence, was normal bruise color. but under where the magnet had been was the yellow green colors that usually accompany a 3-4 day old bruise.   I was hooked.

My theory is that after an injury a magnet acts like a kindergarten teacher.  Cellular nutrition happens because of ionic transfer the influence of electrons positively charged and negatively charged particles with specific jobs. Where there is a traumatic injury  cellular chaos ensues as blood escapes the confines of it’s vessels and clean-up must occur.  I believe the presence of a magnet  helps the body to organize the chaos so that all of the particles face one side up, either positive or negative and the system can sort out what it need and find it more easily.

I used to scoff at magnets for healing, now I keep several sizes on hand because they make me (and my friends) work better.

Wonderful Water

I love water. It has many wonderful properties. Our bodies are filled with the stuff. Drinking it,immersing our bodies in it, letting it splash on us in the shower…all beneficial. and now it seems we can make water better with our attitudes!

Drink it pure so it can flush impurities from your system

Soaking in it gives your body a big squeeze and the changing pressure also pushes impurities into your elimination systems and stimulates your lymphatics. Gee, no wonder surfers become addicted to the sport

Even taking a shower does more than slough off dead skin and odor causing bacteria but provides gentle massage, and gives you the anti-inflammatory effects of pruney toes 

How has water been wonderful in Your life?

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