Warnings about little things

Little things…Deadly things.

Bugs and blood clots.

I almost lost my brother this year.  He had what he thought was a cramp in his leg. He massaged it til it felt better. Then he got sick.  His doctor said “Bronchitis” and gave him antibiotics. He kept feeling worse until a midnight trip to the bathroom that left him breathless on the throne prompted the trip to the Emergency Room, ICU, and a week-long hospital stay.   The cramp had been a blood clot, the Shortness of Breath was the clot had broken up and had plastered his lungs with obstructions.

Last week I was stung or bitten by an insect or a spider. I thought nothing of it…..It grew, I felt sleepy. I slept. I went to the golf course for my Saturday morning marshal gig, got there at 6 (yes, a.m.) I, who usually play a 3-5 hour round after watching the course for 6 or so hours, had to leave by 8 because I didn’t think I could make it home if I didn’t. Hours of sleep later, my sisters words…”don’t get dehydrated”,…”your nephew got pneumonia from a spider bite” prompted me to make some tea.   I got light-headed in the kitchen. Started drinking my tea and felt myself tighten and violently reject the fluids.   During this wretched time, friends called to check on me. By the time they got there I was ready for the emergency room…triage wouldn’t let me come to urgent care.

I got taken to the back quicker then I ever have before. they patched me up with fluids and the dreaded antibiotics instructions to get a thermometer…Little things. Infections, blood clots, medicines, friends. sunshine (which I get to miss for 10 days)

Take care of yourself…but know when to ask for help, and when to get a second opinion.  Friends are good.



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